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Drs. Wesley M. Eades and Milton P. Horne Co-Author New Book, “Whirlwind: Journeys with Job Through Grief, Anxiety and Pain”

“Whirlwind” is a spiritual self-help book that journeys through the book of Job, addressing questions about life’s struggles and our expectations of God.

WACO, TEXAS Sept. 18, 2013—The book of Job raises timeless questions about life’s struggles and expectations of God. In “Whirlwind: Journeys with Job Through Grief, Anxiety and Pain,” Drs. Wesley M. Eades and Milton P. Horne address aspects of the mature spiritual journey by presenting 30 homilies on the book of Job followed by fictional pastoral counseling sessions. The sessions aim to portray individuals grappling with the challenges of being honest about faith while seeking to retain it.

“We carry the assumption that real spiritual transformation occurs when people move from expecting God to take care of them, to a realization that peace is possible regardless of circumstances,” said Eades and Horne. “Our observation is that people often use religion to try and control the uncontrollable, which, in turn, magnifies suffering. We believe that the mature journey of faith is a path to accepting reality as it presents itself.”

Eades and Horne hope their message reaches anyone who struggles with what it means to live out faith in the midst of suffering.

“Whirlwind,” published by CreateSpace, is available for purchase in paperback at, in an ebook format on and through PayPal.

About the Authors

Dr. Wesley M. Eades is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapist in Waco, Texas. He began his counseling career in 1989 after receiving a doctorate in psychology of religion at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He opened his private counseling practice in 2005. He and his wife Holly have three children.

Dr. Milton P. Horne is a Professor of Religion and Coordinator for Faith and Learning at William Jewell College. He received a doctorate in theology from the University of Oxford and a masters of divinity from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Mo. His teaching focuses on the Old Testament and history of Christianity, Judaism and Islam. He and his wife Karen have two sons and one grandson.

What others are saying about “Whirlwind”

Dr. Drexel Rayford, Pastor, Walnut Grove Baptist Church: Insight, compassion and frequent humor populate these pages… With Horne interpreting the age-old story of Job and Eades weaving stories based on his extensive pastoral counseling career, they’ve produced a contribution that resonates resoundingly with my own 37 years of pastoral ministry. “Whirlwind” will become a welcome companion for anyone on the path to authentic selfhood where pain is no longer so much transmitted as transformed.

Dr. Mike Graves, Professor, St. Paul School of Theology: Unlike Job’s friends, the counsel of Eades and Horne is actually helpful. Among other things, the authors remind us that life is complicated, that bad things happen to all people, including persons of faith, that God can be questioned, and that God’s peace is available in the midst of chaos.

Dr. Mark Brady, Author and Teacher: With a courage uncharacteristic of many writers, Milton and Wesley take the suffering of Job and use it as a backdrop to authentically address the real suffering of real people in 21st century America.

For a complete list of “Whirlwind” reviews please visit the web.

“Whirlwind,” ISBN: 9781480202788 published by CreateSpace, 219 pages. Available on and other fine book retailers.

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